Barrie musician thinking inside a box to start new venture

After he was laid off this year, musician Joe Garrisi decided to think inside the box. He now makes wooden drums, called cajons. “I had already made one and decided to turn on my heel and said, ‘I’m gonna do this,’” Garrisi said while tapping away on one of his creations. He calls them JoJo Cajons, the latter term meaning box or drawer. The style of drum was once used by African American slaves to make music. “Traditionally, musicians’ drum sets are called trap kits because you are trapped behind them,” Garrisi said. “These Cajons can bring you to the front. It’s easier on the ears and there are so many different tones you can play.”

Joe Garrisi makes wooden drums, called JoJo Cajons, which are available at MusicPro in Barrie

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