Pub nights are just that much better with a JoJo on the scene!!! I love playing mine, and people love hearing it!! Would definitely recommend for others!!

Rick Smith

These cajons have some of the best tones I’ve ever heard! Super cool rustic finishes that only add to the vibe. The Pro series easily sets a new standard for volume and overall tonality. JoJo is also setting a new standards for ingenuity and design in their snare throw off system and box sizes. Super cool stuff guys!

Aaron Fuller

JoJo Cajons are the real deal. I’ve had mine since September and it sounds fantastic. Nice snare crack and the low end bass drum sound so great. It plays well in an acoustic session but man mic it up and it fills the room with an awesome sound. It is the talking piece in my house these days. Working with my band mates in SGB to incorporate my JoJo into our set!! Highly recommended folks JoJo Cajons will bring you hours of pleasure and a big smile on your face!!! Cheers

Greg Lightle

It’s amazing to have these cajon’s built local to Barrie ON, I work at Music Pro and once Joe had shown me his own design I was instantly impressed with sound that he created in these beautiful cajon’s.

Lots of low end and warm tones that easily sang on there own, the top had lots on mid tones in the snap (snare)

All his designs are unique in finish which makes your cajon one of a kind.

I spend most of my day playing the JOJO Cajon and its an easy add on to any acoustic set !

Plus CANADIAN MADE ! Done and Done in my books !

Great Job ! And if you want one come to Music Pro !

Brad Ryder

I highly recommend you check out JoJo Cajons! They’re totally awesome with deep bass kick and a snare like no other! Contact Joe get one custom made just for you! Hand Built in Barrie.

Dav Dickenson

This could be the best musical purchase of my career, JoJo Cajons are not only incredibly high quality instruments, they’re also absolutely beautiful, custom, and locally made. I highly recommend getting yourself one of these awesome percussion instruments. Great job JoJo!!

Addie Ham

Great quality, Built locally in Barrie, Awesome Sounding and look just as good as they sound!

Andrew Hutt

Awesome!!! Fun fun fun!!!
Being a drummer I picked it up in seconds!!
I don’t mind saying I’m kind of a “big deal”

Luigi Barbaro
A Success Story,
As a business owner, I look for opportunities to support locally made products by new local companies.
In doing such, I have come across a lot of well built Instruments and products for the Music Industry. Some have done well, some have fallen short of expectations.
Never have we had such a success as the JoJo Cajons.
This is a superior made and sounding product that stands on its own.  Our success with JoJo has been huge and I suspect that their success will soon be globally huge.
These Cajons exceed every major competitors brand on every aspect of material, workmanship, tone and price.
It’s refreshing that a Canadian made product can kick the pants off world wide competitors.
Way to go JoJo!
Ted Johnstone

I have had the pleasure of dealing with Joe from JoJo Cajons for about six months now, he definetly takes pride in his building of these great looking and sounding Cajons. I absolutely dig the sound of each Cajon, and that each one is hand made and none are the same. The finishes are also what sets these Cajons apart from any others, love the natural finishes and most of all the custom paint jobs. Anyone that plays a Cajon needs to try a JoJo, they will be totally impressed.

Nick VolpeOwner - Canadian DrumGear

Jojo Cajons are solidly built instruments made right here in Ontario.

The quality of the materials and craftsmanship are second to none.
Jojos offer the deep bass response and fiery snare crack that really cut through in live situations.
Stylish, durable and bursting with tone, Jojo Cajons are a hit. My customers love them!!
Jay SwatmanLaSalle Music Inc.

For us at Guelph Music, quality is a top priority. After receiving our first batch Jo Jo Cajons, we could tell they follow the same beliefs. The Cajons have been a great addition for the store, for our customers and even our staff. We look forward to the future and what lies ahead for both Jo Jo Cajons and ourselves here at the shop. We would recommend Jo Jo Cajons to anyone, you’ll be more than happy with anything from these guys.

Guelph Music
JoJo creates beautiful percussion instruments that are visually and aurally breathtaking.
I utilize a JoJo Cajon emblazoned  with the Canadian flag and a JoJo Loco Tamburo at all
acoustic and electric shows.
On the large stage, in the small club, acoustic rehearsal, beach or back yard bbq JoJo’s artful
percussion instruments are essential to your arsenal.
Randy Osborne